onsdag 26. mars 2014

First Comenius meeting THE SOUL OF WHO WE ARE 2012 Denmark

The first meeting took place in Denmark, at Vinderup secondary school , a school with 241 students.

The theme of the meeting was fairy tales and legends. All participants had contributions from their countries , which they presented in different ways. Some dramatized their legends, some told them, some had creative workshop with glass art, and in addition, we went to two schools which are known to be visited by "a ghosts"... The students used power point and multimedia work before and during the visit, you can see some of the work, and photos from the meeting, in the link collection . Enjoy!

We were on two school visits, so we got to see the Danish school system from three different angles, a private school (Vinderup), a special school and a boarding school.

Our Danish hosts took us to Hjerl Hede http://www.hjerlhede.dk/en . Through the many activities there we were presented an insight into the Danisch culture and life conditions, handicraft traditions and customs.

We also got a tour of the neighboring town of Holstebro, where we were welcomed in the town hall and a guided tour through the sculpture and art in the city. This man told us how to make a rope.

We were very familiar with the local environment , two newspapers made ​​reports from project meeting , and a newspaper followed the pupils in a town rally , where students became better acquainted with each other and the city.

The students stayed at their Danish host's homes, an exciting experience for most students! Another success! And a perfect way to learn more about a foreign culture. 

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